Table 188 Restaurant and Bar

Table 188 a newly opened restaurant in Palmerston North has proved to be quite the hit with locals and Erica and I alike.

table 188

Over the last month we have managed to visit Table 188 three times and more due to luck rather than good planning we have been fortunate enough to attend for Brunch, Lunch and Dinner! – not necessarily in that order.

Our first visit was for Lunch. I had the Salmon fish cake on a bed of greens and salad ($17.00) and Erica had the Tomato and Basil soup with a calzone on the side ($12.00). Our meals were great and service was just perfect, certainly a lot better than I had expected and a fine first outing at a new establishment.

IMG_2372 IMG_2373 IMG_2375

Second up was dinner. The lack of photos is a massive fail on my behalf but a testament to the great food and my eagerness to devour it. I had the baby Octopus for my entree and Erica had the Cheesy Garlic bread. For our main course I had the Angus fillet (It’s not often I order steak – I was suitably impressed) and Erica had the stuffed whole Calamari.


Unfortunately only one photo from the entire meal…sad I know but I am making more of a conscious effort to photograph first, eat second and not the other way round.

I didn’t have my note book with me so I can not give an accurate price on the meal, however I do remember it being less than $100.00 which I felt at the time was good value for two courses and a few drinks.

Beverage selection Table 188 is reasonably well catered for, I like that they have Asahi beer on tap and a courtyard to enjoy it in. I haven’t spent much time looking at the wine – but at a glance it appears to have all the classics.

The third and final dining experience (for now) was with my parents for brunch. Table 188 does not have a brunch menu but is happy to do Eggs Benedict and basically Eggs done any other way you like. We all decided to have the Eggs Benedict and what a choice it was (if there was every really a choice?).

Eggs Bennie 188

I haven’t ordered an Eggs Bennie in years and was more than happy I did. Pesto, Hollandaise, Eggs, Bacon and GARLIC BREAD are some of my favorite things and Table 188 have managed to combine it all into one wonderful breakfast dish! I only hope they start having more brunch options.

Overall this place rocks and has a real possibility of making it into the “Go to regular category”.

P.s the Coffee is also awesome!


2 thoughts on “Table 188 Restaurant and Bar

    • Good thing we are sending a representative over. I have a Hollandaise recipe, you guys can try make it!

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